Strawberry fields forever

For the title of this post I had a choice of songs to plagiarise.
Who could forget this number? (Truly, it’s hard to get it out of your head).
Or this Australian export, that we’re all so proud of…

In the end I stuck with this classic because these suckers (not offensive, actually what they’re called) last


My parents backyard blitzed their vegie patch. It was run over with a tractor, dug over with a digger and stomped by a thousand gumbooted steps. And these little strawberry suckers grew through it all!

I liked their tenacity. And even more than that, I like their fruit. So I dug some up and introduced them to our car park garden. Free and delicious. Makes it even more delicious.

Strawberry smile


About freedom finder

I like books, plants and second-hand goodness. I like things that are free. I really like it when those two likes combine. I'm a Christian and want to take Jesus up on his offer of abundant life. I want to spend more time without money and spend more thoughts on freedom.
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