Worms part 2.

The final frontier.
I found new space.
As someone living in medium density housing, I feel this deserves some kudos,
(and maybe a tv series?)

The new space I found was a smelly toilet and basin, covered in dust and cobwebs, tacked onto the side of our apartment building. What a find!
And what did I do with this precious newfound space?
I filled it with a can of worms.

A thoughtful friend put her freebie finding skill to work and got me a worm farm. She gifted it to me complete with some pets from her own farm!  Equipped with gloves, bleach and a broom I cleaned the new space until it was fit for worms/fit for them having visitors; I probably wouldn’t have wanted to go in to feed them if it was left in the state it was found in.

So now we have worm wee and casting galore!
What sort of person has so much worm tea that they need to give it away?
This kind of person.
Let me know if you’d like some!

A can of worms.
Metaphorically speaking, you should not open it.
Horticulturally speaking, do it!


About freedom finder

I like books, plants and second-hand goodness. I like things that are free. I really like it when those two likes combine. I'm a Christian and want to take Jesus up on his offer of abundant life. I want to spend more time without money and spend more thoughts on freedom.
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