The first hour that I learned to read from an analog clock was six o’clock.
It had a competitive edge over 12 o’clock for the following reason.
My older sister had a pink woollen jumper with a smiling clock on the front. The poor guy had different length arms that sprang from his nose, the shorter always pointing straight down, the longer straight up. Significantly, I noticed that the less smiley clock on the wall struck a similar pose when The Simpsons came on.

The Simpsons provided incentive for me to learn to tell the time.
It was during this episode of The Simpsons that I learned what “sarcastic” means.
The Simpsons also taught me that one way to tell a story is to start completely off topic, and then transition into the key story.

So I’m sharing how I learned to tell the time to say that I’ve given up TV for a month.

I like TV.
It has taught me many a thing.
However I started this blog to help motivate me to be more creative with how I spend my time during university breaks. I feel taking a break from TV is another way I can do this.

I was a little nervous about my pledge. It was to be enacted the first Monday of my holidays. The Sunday night before, we watched Hot Fuzz. Butterman teaches Angel that one of the best ways to unwind is to zone out to a double feature of action. “So true” I thought and hoped I’d have the self-control to see it through.

I shamefully shrewdly waited until now to make the pledge public.
One week down!
Three more to go.
Expect some posts on what I’ve been up to, instead of watching TV.


About freedom finder

I like books, plants and second-hand goodness. I like things that are free. I really like it when those two likes combine. I'm a Christian and want to take Jesus up on his offer of abundant life. I want to spend more time without money and spend more thoughts on freedom.
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