Lately I finished listening to the audio book of Julie & Julia.
It is about a Texan living in New York learning to cook French Food from a book written by a Californian living in Paris.

It has really confused my appetite.

I’ve been snacking on jalapeños from the jar.

We ate lamb with cauliflower and potato bake with a side of sprouts and beans.
It felt French because butter, sour cream and cheese were all seriously involved.
I also baked bagels.

The process was a very memorable one.
It reminded me of beer. [1]
It reminded me of the bible. [2]
It reminded me of baking with our babysitter.

I used this this recipe.
The bagels turned out ugly and a bit too golden and oh so delicious.

1. I knew that the end result of baking smelt good but had no idea about the mid-process bonus! The yeast-sugar mixture smells delicious!

2. I have been reading through 1 Corinthians with a friend and remembered how yeast is a tactile reminder of God saving people in chapter 5. I like tactile reminders.


About freedom finder

I like books, plants and second-hand goodness. I like things that are free. I really like it when those two likes combine. I'm a Christian and want to take Jesus up on his offer of abundant life. I want to spend more time without money and spend more thoughts on freedom.
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6 Responses to Bagel

  1. mydearbakes says:

    Loved your creation , so lovely! =)

  2. Jess says:

    Which babysitter?

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