A long time between drinks…

It sure has been.

If you’re looking for somewhere for a reunion, don’t go looking for this bar.

Not because you can’t go there and meet people who know your name.
I meet my man friend and a friend who is a man there.

This is a photo of them looking at a mega train going through the city.
It had more than 50 carriages.
There were mixed emotions about it.

Mega-train in the metropolis

Not because it isn’t one of the few places you can drink from a long neck and look semi-classy.
It is.

I think having the “long neck” part of the long neck cut off, helps class it up.

Not because you can’t walk through the bar’s beautiful herb garden, powered by your own patronage.

You can.
The herbs also power the bees to make honey. Ten points to the person who can spot the hives in one of the photos.

So even if friends, long necks and herbs are all important prerequisites of a bar for you, don’t go looking for this bar.
It doesn’t exist any more.

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Worms part 2.

The final frontier.
I found new space.
As someone living in medium density housing, I feel this deserves some kudos,
(and maybe a tv series?)

The new space I found was a smelly toilet and basin, covered in dust and cobwebs, tacked onto the side of our apartment building. What a find!
And what did I do with this precious newfound space?
I filled it with a can of worms.

A thoughtful friend put her freebie finding skill to work and got me a worm farm. She gifted it to me complete with some pets from her own farm!  Equipped with gloves, bleach and a broom I cleaned the new space until it was fit for worms/fit for them having visitors; I probably wouldn’t have wanted to go in to feed them if it was left in the state it was found in.

So now we have worm wee and casting galore!
What sort of person has so much worm tea that they need to give it away?
This kind of person.
Let me know if you’d like some!

A can of worms.
Metaphorically speaking, you should not open it.
Horticulturally speaking, do it!

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Worms part 1.

I like things that are free.
gumtree.com.au has a freebies section.

One time, there was a post advertising free “worm tea/wee”.
“Fantastic for vegies” it claimed.
“Just add water” it instructed.
“Litres and litres on offer” it invited.
“Great!” I thought.
I sent them a text message. I imagined my snow peas reaching proportions worthy of a Roald Dahl book.

I started to wonder about how one collects worm tea.
Worms are little creatures.
I couldn’t imagine them being particularly productive in that way…

There was litres of the stuff on offer.
The person who advertised the post must have a lot of worms.
I wondered what sort of person would keep so many worms…

I got a text back about the worm tea. It was from a different number. The text didn’t make a lot of sense, but I worked out that it was telling me to wait on another text from yet another number. It would tell me where to go for the drop off.

This seemed strange.
Apparently I was working with a worm wee syndicate. How did they feed all these worms? I wondered how many other amateur gardeners had responded to the post…
What sort of people had that much worm wee?

My imagination was starting to get the best of me. I decided to talk to a friend about it. I told her the facts but I did not tell her what conclusions I was grasping at.  I hoped she would verbalise what I feared. I kept repeating,  “How can any one have that much worm wee?”

The last text came in.
It gave me the address of the drop off location. They would leave 4 litres in milk bottles behind the front gate.

That evening, I set out to pick up the worm wee. The house sat outside the reach of the streetlights, with a high fence surrounding it. Curtains were drawn in all the windows. A single red light illuminated the front entrance.

The gate silently opened. I checked behind it.
There were no bottles!

Barking erupted next to me. In the faint light I could see a dog bolting towards me. The gate swung shut. The front door opened…

“BARRY! Barry, come here!”
A middle aged woman was calling the dog.
It was a poodle the size of my fist.
The woman looked up at me with a smile.
“I’m sorry about that. Can I help you?”.
I explained that I had come in response to a gum tree ad.
“Oh, the worm tea? Didn’t she leave it out for you? It’s my housemate’s thing. Sorry about that. Are you growing vegetables?” While loading me up with bottles, she talked me through the correct tea to water ratio, and suggested which vegetables benefit most from it.

She carried a bottle for me to the car. “Watch the gate, it shuts quickly to keep Barry in”.

Apparently friendly people with dogs have that much worm wee.

The first snow pea of the season, powered by worm wee.
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Study incentives

When studying, one needs incentives to keep studying.
I like to:
Drink peppermint tea.
Treat myself to a mormon fashion blog post after an hour of successful study.
Look forward to an episode of Seinfeld over lunch.

When studying, one also finds ways to distract oneself.
I like to:
Boil the kettle continuously, to top up my peppermint tea.
Reread the same blog post I read yesterday.
Disgrace myself by watching “ET” when it comes on after Seinfeld.

When studying, one does not not need disincentives to keep studying.
For the last two years I’ve been studying perched on a wicker chair with two cushions stacked on it, to bring me up to the height of the desk.
It is a good set up, until one of the cushions slips off and that seems like a good enough reason to get up and boil the kettle. And maybe check if Seinfeld came on early…

I needed an office chair. And I found this baby sitting on the side walk.


It needed some love. And I had $10 worth of IKEA fabric and a staple gun.
I didn’t have the know-how to use a sewing machine for the back section, but this crafty blogger stepped me through it.


Study un-disincentive-d.

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Do you ever yearn?
I yearn.
Often I sit and yearn. 

Over the New Year holiday, I was able to fulfil my yearning.
I went to the beach.


If I was to develop a 3 step plan for spendaholics, it would be go to the beach, x 3.
It’s my most recommended frugal fun time.

I have some fond memories of the beach.
The first place I drove on my probationary license was the beach.
I became all smitten with my husband (before he was a husband) on a beach mission.
I saw the aurora australis one night while camped out on the beach.


Have you yearned?

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Road trippin’ with no allies

On Christmas Eve we drove to my parents’ house.
On Christmas day we drove back home.
On boxing day I drove back to my parents’.
According to the greatest authority of our time, google, that is 480ks in 3 days.
We drove past this exit 3 times (and I still had to have its potential for a crass joke explained to me.)
We got stuck behind a tractor 6 times.
And for the last 160ks I didn’t have a driving companion to share these priceless moment with.

Singing in the car is excellent. Singing in the car by yourself is excellent in its own way because you can:
a) sing to new levels of shamelessness and
b) sing shamelessly to whatever you want.

So at this turn off, I was singing to these ladies.


And about here it was “If I could start today again”.


“Rosanna” and I shared a moment here.


And for old times’ sake, a little of these boys under the South Gippsland sun.


Singing in the car by yourself is also excellent because you can do a) and b) anonymously.

Please don’t hold this post against me.

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Fa la la la laaa, la laa la la.

Deck the Bowl with thrifty carolers

On Christmas Eve eve, it has become a tradition to go to the Sidney Myer Music Bowl for some ye olde caroling. Back in the day, you could partake in the Eve eve practice for nada. Now it costs $7.50 with the money going to Vision Australia. Good deal, you get to be a top bloke AND enjoy the festivities.


It truly is a great night! You sit sweltering in the summer night sharing your picnic goodies. You sing some stella lyrics alongside B-grade celebrities. You laugh at the sound guys filling in for the B-grade celebrity hosts. You can even take horribly out of focus pictures of your friends.

You should come along next year. Do it.

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